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French River Canoe Trip

Becoming One with Nature 

Our canoe trip began with the warm glow of the sun shining on my faded tent walls and the sounds of morning birds singing their melodic songs to each other from above in the treetops. It was still cold from the night before as I lay sheltered in the warmth of my sleeping bag not daring to slide the zipper and let in the cold morning air.

But restlessness and excitement for what the day had in store got the better of me and I slipped out of this environment, out of my tent to be greeted with blue skies and a view that only millionaires or those who wander the Canadian wilderness’ special places can have.

I was on a canoe trip in the historic French River, the first full day of paddling and sightseeing was ahead and I was excited at what new experiences were about to come.

I started the Wisperlite stoves to set the water to a boil for morning drinks and began the arduous task of starting a fire that we would prepare the morning breakfast of omelets, hot bread and porridge on. Slowly my paddling companions awoke to the smell of coffee and food cooking on the fire. Friendly good mornings were exchanged as tradition dictates and we settled in to recharge our energy with food and drink and to discuss the days travel plans and groups desires.

After breakfast we broke camp and prepared the canoes with all necessary safety gear and packed our bags in a complimentary manner to balance the canoe. As our paddles dipped into the morning waters the mist still hangs on the water’s edge creating a view reminiscent of one of those photos you saw in a coffee table book that weeks before you read in the comfort of your lazy boy at home dreaming of the forth coming tour.

As we paddle on, the trip takes a life of its own as the beauty of the French River unfolds before us and the characters of the river come alive. A muskrat on the shore runs to avoid a close an encounter with one of the fellow paddlers, a fish jumps leaving ripples in the water that stretch out across the flat deep blue oasis, birds circle in the sky catching the morning updrafts created from the earth warming to the sun, and the wind blows gently calming thoughts that may take you away from what you are experiencing.

At this point you wonder to yourself if there is any other place you would rather be and the answer of course is no, for the day is just beginning and many adventures lay ahead to be experienced through the tour you booked on the French River with OuterVision Adventure tours through Hartley Bay Marina…..

By Chad Casey
OuterVision Adventure Tours
Instructor / Guide

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