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Tips on The French River
Tips on The French River
Tips on The French River
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The French River is a Hidden Gem

Visitors to the French River Provincial Park agree that it is a hidden gem amongst provincial parks in Northern Ontario and other regions of Canada. While our country is a wonderful place for outdoors adventure - and maybe we’re just a little bit biased - home is where the heart is. If you’re fortunate enough to call The French River Provincial Park your second home, you will probably agree with the sentiments of other visitors to Hartley Bay Marina.

Image C/O Michael E. LaBar "To wake up in the morning to this is just one reason I love the French River." 

Hartley Bay Marina has the privilege of providing access and services to guests visiting the French River Delta and Georgian Bay. Here, visitors can enjoy fishing, canoeing, kayaking, paddling, camping, and simply relaxing in the great outdoors. It is the ideal breakaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the constant bombardment of technology.

According to Robert Gabriele, a proud member of the Hartley Bay community, “... the Palmers have over the years put an otherwise modest and humble presence to the forefront of the entire French River system.” But apart from the hearty welcome you’ll receive from the Hartley Bay Marina team, the French River Provincial Park offers its own unique natural attraction.

Jeremy Campbell recalls a childhood during which he spent two weeks at the French River Provincial Park every summer. He’ll never forget Jeffry, Johnny and Bucky who took him out fishing. Although his mother still has pictures, these childhood memories are forever engraved on his mind.

Josh Jones also agrees that the crazy family memories created on the French River are unforgettable. But what makes it such a hidden gem?

Image c/o Josh Jones

Laid Back Atmosphere

Mary Bradbury loves the sounds of the park, as she puts it, “It’s the loudest quiet I’ve ever experienced.” One has to truly experience it to understand the magical call of nature.

Louise Langlais appreciates the backcountry living with a modern twist, “Where else can you be in the backcountry but also be able to canoe up to a store for a nice cold ice cream cone!?!”

Indeed, while the French River Provincial Park epitomizes backcountry living, you’re never far removed from civilization, and cell service is not a concern. Need some necessities delivered to your campsite? No problem! Simply call the Hartley Bay Marina staff and they’ll come to your aid. If you need to touch base with family at home, or upload a few jealousy-inducing pictures to Instagram, you can do so from the comfort of your campsite.

Diverse Wildlife

Yohanna Hodgins appreciates the diversity of the wildlife in the park, especially the waterbirds.

“The peepers in the marsh in the spring.. The mating chuckle of the Sandhills in the distance... The call of the whip poor will at dusk.... The "who who who" of the barred owl at night.. Waking to the repeated "cheeseburger" call of the chickadee and the lovely flute songs of the thrush in the early morning.... the screaming bluebirds and the glug glug of the bitterns throughout the day. The water trickling over the rocks into the river... Chippies rustling through the underbrush collecting nuts...even the squirrels get in on the action chirping at anyone who invades their space. Just listen... It's amazing.” - Mary Bradbury

Scenic Nature

Terri Hall agrees that there’s no place like it, “The people, the beauty, the peace…” and Michael E. LaBar loves waking up to the view of the fishing pier over the river at sunrise. Marty Klemman agrees with the incredible sunrises.

Jackie Jones loves the ruggedness compared to the other rivers, and the fact that it is less congested.

Nancy Yanaky takes inspiration from the landscape for her paintings.

Hartley Bay Marina

Of course, when we asked what people loved about the French River Provincial Park, many couldn’t resist sharing their love for Hartley Bay Marina.

Tim Stilson enjoys seeing the friendly staff who are always ready with a few jokes during his annual visits from Ohio. Frank Casera agrees, “Such a helpful and knowledgeable Marina staff who go above and beyond to not only serve the many lakefront property owners, but 1000’s of visitors each year. It’s good to know there’s such a hub that the Park can rely on too.”

Anyone who has visited the French River Provincial Park will agree with Michael Neal’s sentiments: “Love it! My sanctuary! My second home!”


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