French River Provincial Park Camping and Cottages

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 Open / Season May 1 – Oct 31. 

Tips on The French River

Exploring Parks: A Truly Canadian Thing

Exploring Ontario ParksWhen the snow starts to melt and the days become longer, it's the perfect time to start planning your first getaway for summer. And what's more fun than exploring parks? Canada is home to fantastic provincial parks that promise adventure for old and young:

·         French River Provincial Park

·         Grundy Lake Provincial Park

·         Mashkinonje Provincial Park

·         Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park

Let's look what you'll find when you take a trip into the wild outdoors.

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Hartley Bay Paddling Separation Anxiety

Feeling sad? You might have paddling separation anxiety!

Paddling Separation AnxietyAs the cold winter is getting its icy grip into Canada, paddlers and boaters are feeling sad (as well as Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)). They are missing the solitude of paddling the wide open waters of the French River and Georgian Bay and the beautiful surrounds. It's understandable, as there's no place on earth quite so tranquil and spectacular...

Paddling Separation Anxiety (PSA) is a serious psychiatric condition that affects many paddlers. It can be contracted anywhere, but after they've been to Hartley Bay Marina, they are guaranteed to be afflicted during winter. The condition is acute and curable only by regular paddling trips to Hartley Bay Marina.

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Paddling and Boaters

Paddling and Boating Etiquette

Paddling and BoatersFew things beat paddling around the French River with its magnificent scenery and it is a relaxing experience unlike any - provided everyone follows the unwritten river etiquette rules everyone is happy on our crowded waterways. As with everything in life, a little bit of respect goes a long way to keeping the peace and ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.  For the safety and enjoyment of everyone using the river, it is important to keep in mind courtesy and guidelines outlined on this page. 

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Bug Smarts – What to know before you Go…

 Mosquitoes and other biting insects on the French River 

Hartley Bay Marina welcomes you and so do the insects

Not only are there s’moores campfires, but there are also biting insects! This fall the insects especially mosquitoes are still out there due to a very rainy season...

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Emergency Bailout Dry Bag

How to Pack an Emergency / Bailout Dry Bag for Your French River Kayaking

How to Pack an Emergency / Bailout Dry Bag for Your French River Kayaking Trip 

Few things rejuvenate body, mind, and soul quite like French River kayaking... It provides the perfect opportunity to  the open waters of this kayaker's paradise, which leads to Georgian Bay with its easily navigable waters. With very little vegetation and soil along the coastline, paddlers get to enjoy the spectacular views or pristine blue waters, gnarled trees, windswept islands and the thousands of small granite islands. More experienced paddlers steer out towards the less sheltered channels and open crossings leading to open bays and distant islands.

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Kids Camping on The French River

kids camping

We welcome kids of all ages

Parents across Canada are looking for ways to tear their children away from the screens and encourage them to engage in real life and there's no better way to do it than taking your kids camping on the French River via Hartley Bay Marina.

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Girl Power: What I’ve Learned From Camping Without a Man

Solo Camping by Nature...

I love nature. I just can’t get enough. While many women would not imagine heading into the wild without a man, I sometimes just NEED to get out and I usually can’t find anyone that can go when I can go. But also I’ve observed that we are stuck in a culture where women are working hard, and often feel unable to do stuff on our own.

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9 Expert Tips for Camping in the Fall

9 Expert Tips for Camping in the Fall

Winter is fast approaching, and with that, the annual closing of Hartley Bay Marina, on October 31st. That leaves you with a small window of opportunity to enjoy a few more days and nights of camping in the French River Provincial Park.

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Northern Ontario Pickerel (Walleye) & Pike Fishing Tips

pickerel fishing

Spring is open season for Pickerel and Pike and Victoria Day weekend saw some fantastic catches. Known for its excellent fresh water pickerel (walleye), bass, pike, muskie and crappie fishing, the French River is also famed as Canada’s first Heritage waterway and its canoe routes and historic shorelines became the French River Provincial Park in 1989.

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