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Canoeing Near Me

Canoeing Near Me

Where is Good Canoeing Near Me?


If you were waiting for a sign to get out into the great outdoors and Googled “canoeing near me”, you found the right place! That’s right. Once you’ve embraced the French River canoeing lifestyle that is so unique to Hartley Bay Marina, you’ll never have to search “canoeing near me” again…

Canoeists and kayakers visiting the French River Provincial Park in Northern Ontario can look forward to discovering many unique canoeing experiences among the secluded tributaries of the historic French River and lovely Georgian Bay.  

Travel by canoe along the winding channels of the French today to see what the Voyageurs saw and to travel where they travelled with French River Canoeing. Conveniently located in the French River Provincial Park, you will find 110 km of French River to paddle on, including historic paddle routes. When you stay at Hartley Bay Marina, you have direct access to the Georgian Bay as well. 

Hartley Bay Marina: Perfect Base for French River Canoeing

Hartley Bay Marina provides exclusive access to remote areas of the French River Provincial Park. It is the ideal base for your weekend of Georgian Bay canoeing. Bring along your own canoe, or hire one from the resort and follow one of our world-famous canoe routes. You can either go on a popular day trip to Boom Island or you can visit the Old Voyageur Channel for a day of historic exploration before returning to one of the Hartley Bay fisherman’s cottages or river campsites.

So next time you Google Canoeing Near Me you know where to go!

Relics submerged under the waters and hidden along the river banks tell the tales of the Voyageurs from a time long past. 

Join Canada's canoe culture and travel along the tributaries of the French River to experience an adventure unlike any other.

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Image c/o Ashley VanderBeek Bad River Fishing Lodge (Facebook submission photo)