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Checklist: Summer Camping Trip Packing Essentials

Here at Hartley Bay Marina, we have welcomed campers for years, and we've seen what makes for a successful camp, and what doesn't. Every seasoned camper has his or her own preferences of what they need on a camping trip, but it takes quite a few trips to really find the right balance. You can only bring so much in your pack, and you want to include items that enhance your trip, rather than weigh you down.

aIn this article, we're going to cover some of the essentials. Note: this is not a be all and end all list. Just some things we notice people often forgetting over the years when they arrive at our shop.

Camping Trip Essentials – Tips from Hartley Bay Marina

  • Water - Hydration is essential. Yes, you may find water on your trip, but you should always make sure that you have at least one litre with you at all times.
  • Map – Very important so you don’t get lost (but you already knew that right?). Lucky for you maps can be purchased at Hartley Bay Marina’s office when you sign in.
  • Food - Your body needs fuel to sustain itself. Whether you take dried food, or meal replacement shakes, be sure to take enough. Always take along a jar of peanut butter, as it is loaded with protein, good fats and nutrition. Also bring along all those spice and sauce sachets from fast food outlets that you have not used - they are easy to pack and add great flavour in a pinch.
  • Shelter - Depending on the type of trip, you will need some form of shelter. Whether it is a tent or tarps you need, make sure you have whatever you need to set it up, including rope, poles, stakes, a hammer or axe and ground cloth or tarp.
  • Bug Spray – Very important – it’s pretty buggy out there especially mid May to the end of June (Black Flies)/July (Mosquitoes).
  • First Aid Kit - You may not encounter an actual emergency, but you're bound to have to treat blisters and nicks.
  • Sun Protection - Most people don't bother with sunscreen, but it is an absolute must for your summer camping trips. Your sun protection should include an SPF 30+, a hat and sunglasses.
  • Map - Don't assume that since you know the general area, that you won't get lost. Always pack a map, compass and pencil and spend time familiarising yourself with the area before you set out - especially if you are traveling with children.
  • Light - Whether you use a headlamp, flashlight or lantern, be sure that you include some source of light with your gear, and make sure it is easy to reach, especially if you reach the campsite after dark.
  • Swiss Army Knife - It is small, but it is a powerful tool in your camping kit - including a saw, small scissors and a corkscrew (don't forget to pack a bottle of red!).
  • Toilet Paper - And a plastic bag and matches. No more explanation needed!
  • Extra Clothes - The weather could change any moment, so bring along clothing that prevents water and wind protection. If you're going fishing, kayaking or rafting, include extra warm and dry clothes in a secure drybag.
  • Animal Deterrents - Always check for animal warnings before you head out, and take the required precautions. Take along bear spray, or whatever else you may need. Remember to hang your food high up a tree in an air tight bag also!
  • Camera - It's not essential, but it is a great way to preserve memories. Don't forget an extra battery pack and empty memory card!

 Getting prepared may seem stressful, and you may feel that some of the items on the list are overboard, but the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to run into a situation you can't handle.


Image by Brahmsee on Pixabay