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French River Canoeing

Embrace Canada's Canoe Culture! Paddle through history: French River Canoeing.

French River Canoeing History: Discovered by French explorers of the 17thcentury, most notably Samuel de Champlain, the French River was first made famous by the Voyageurs who travelled its waterways as part of their fur trading route until the 1820s.  Near the end of the 19th century, logging became its major industry.  Today, the French River has become a tourist destination for fishermen, paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a place that is still relatively untouched by modern society.  For this reason, the French River was designated as Canada’s first Heritage River in 1986 and has many established French River canoeing routes.  All part of the Provincial Park system, the French River flows for 110 km from Lake Nipissing to the Georgian Bay.

Canoeists and kayakers visiting the French can look forward to discovering many unique Northern Ontario, Canada paddling experiences among the secluded tributaries of the historic French River and beautiful Georgian Bay.  Travel by canoe along the winding channels of the French today to see what the Voyageurs saw and to travel where they travelled with French River Canoeing.

6 Ways to Paddle the French for the day or multi night trips

  1. By Canoe (Launch your own or reserve a Hartley Bay Canoe rental)
  2. Follow one of our famed French River Delta, Northern Ontario Canoe Routes
  3. Access remote areas of the French River Provincial Park by spending the night on a backcountry campsite
  4. Access great paddling day trip routes with the modern conviences of our cottage paddling packages
  5. Guided paddling experiences and learning opportunities . Treat yourself to these ultimate outdoor adventures


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