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Boat Shrinkwrap and Winterization Service

The Importance of Shrinkwrap and Winterization of your Boat!

boat winterization and shrinkwrapFew things are as important as winterizing your boat and marine engine. It is crucial in protecting your boat and minimizing your effort when spring rolls around and you’re ready to hit the open water. However, there’s a more important reason to invest in a boat shrinkwrap and winterization service.

Boat winterization helps extend the life of your boat’s power train by preventing the components from freezing, dormancy and corrosion.

The water, UV Rays and wind can wreak havoc on a boat causing ware and tear on the boat even during the summer. It’s important to make sure fluids are topped up after a good boating season and the boat is checked over going into the harsh winter so your boat is in shipshape for the spring again. Hartley Bay Marina can give you boat the TLC it needs prior to storing your boat for the winter.

Hartley Bay Marina Boat Shrinkwrap and Winterization Service

Hartley Bay Marina offers a boat shrinkwrap and winterization service that can save you hundreds of dollars in repair bills. It will prolong the life of your boat, maintain its value and help you prepare for summer surf in no time. Our shrink wrapping service can help protect your boat from the elements all winter long.

Shrink wrapping can help prevent damage to your enclosures, vinyl, and canvas that tends to occur in cold temperatures and wind. However, it can also prevent UV damage to your finish.

Our boat shrinkwrap and boat winterization service includes:

  • Sterndrive winterization: Checking oils, winterizing engine, draining engine block, anti-freeze, stabilizing fuel in tank.
  • Outboard winterization: Checking oils, disconnecting battery, stabilizing fuel in tank, winterizing engine using fogging oil.
  • Inboard winterization: Checking transmission and engine oils, disconnecting battery, winterizing engine, draining engine block and flushing with antifreeze, stabilizing fuel in tank.

We also offer a range of add-on services, including:

  • Indoor / outdoor boat storage
  • Removing battery.
  • Cleaning and hull patch work.
  • Greasing u-joints and gimbal bearing.
  • Removing propeller.
  • Changing gear oil, engine oil, and filter.
  • Fixing and checking over trailer.
  • And much more…

Get in touch with Hartley Bay Marina today to book your boat shrinkwrap and winterization service.


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