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Affordable Camping Excursions

Looking for an affordable camping solution? We have ideas…

affordable camping excursionsSome people love to travel and stay in five star lodgings, while others love to experience the outdoors in the company of family and good friends. There's no disputing that Ontario offers a fantastic opportunity for affordable camping excursions, especially in the French River Provincial Park - a piece of paradise that can be reached within a short two-hour drive from major centres.

When you need a break to just take the load off and spend some precious time together as a family, nothing beats affordable camping excursions to Hartley Bay Marina in the French River Provincial Park.

Camping is an inexpensive way to travel, as you don't have to book expensive accommodation, and you can fit more people into a camping spot than into a hotel room. Likewise, you don't have to buy expensive meals when a barbecue or campfire meal would do.

Picture to the right c/o Tracy Lynn Ansley “Because who doesn't deep fry chicken wings and fries at remote water access only waterfall locations? Sturgeon Chutes”

Tips for Even More Affordable Camping Excursions

Camping is without a doubt the most affordable way to enjoy a weekend away or a vacation. Here are ways to make it even more affordable:

Camping Gear

  • Granted, buying all new camping gear can be expensive. But you don't have to do that. You can either rent it, borrow it (until you're sure you love camping as much as we do) or buy second-hand gear.
  • Make sure your tent can cater to two more people as that will provide more space, if you don't like tight quarters.
  • Buy 3-season sleeping bags, or - if you prefer camping in summer - bring normal blankets and sheets instead.

Meal Prep

You can save plenty of time, effort and cooler space by preparing your meals before you head to Hartley Bay Marina. Wrap some potatoes in tin foil, mix up some pancake batter, and marinate your meat ahead of time. You can even chop your vegetables ahead of time and put them onto skewers ready for the fire.

All you need to bring along to eat like a king, is a roll of tinfoil, a pair of tongs, eating utensils, a skillet, and a pot. Using a camp stove can help prevent your pots from being charred in the fire. Or just cook on the heated rocks that line most campsite fire areas.

Camping Entertainment

In a world where our children are obsessed with being plugged in all the time, a camping trip offers the perfect opportunity to unplug and unwind. Bring along a good book, board games, cards and walking shoes and you will not be bored.

Affordable camping excursions offer a great reprieve from expensive vacations and a wonderful opportunity for families to reconnect.