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French River Family Getaways

French River Family Getaways

The French River Provincial Park offers a backcountry family getaway unlike any other!  

Family GetawaysAccording to researchers at the University of Illinois, time spent in the great outdoors is crucial to the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. Children learn through exploration and asking questions, and spending time outdoors is especially beneficial for children with ADHD, as it enables them to focus and learn when they return inside.

Spending time in the sun floods the body with vitamin D, while trees provide life giving oxygen. That's why it is important to schedule some outdoor time at least once a week, and to nurture a love for nature by talking about plants, wildlife, seasons, colors, and flowers.

Plan More Outdoorsy Family Getaways

A great way to introduce city slickers to nature, is by planning regular family getaways in the wide outdoors. Whether you go hiking or snowboarding, your children will love being exposed to outdoor activities. An added benefit is that it will foster great connections and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The French River Provincial Park offers a backcountry experience like no other! Get the best of both worlds; paddle the historic river-style waters of the French River to the grand and majestic views of the Georgian Bay.   

With no two campsites being alike and no pressure to reserve a site ahead of time, the FRPP allows enthusiasts freedom to meander, roam and explore the mystique that make up the Delta at their own pace. Launch your own canoe/kayak, motorized boat or reserve one of our Hartley Bay canoe or kayak rentals in advance, get a camping permit and a French River Provincial Park map once you arrive and you are set to travel among the waterways of the French River Provincial Park.

Every year, families come from near and far to Hartley Bay Marina. With so much to do, you'll never be bored - unless you choose to relax on the porch of your cottage.

From fishing in the spring to kayaking or canoeing on the river, hiking, bird watching and paddling, there's an adventure to suit every family member.  

Home away from home in Hartley Bay Cottages

Nestled among the trees, overlooking the beautiful French River Delta, our fishermen-style housekeeping cottages provide guests with the opportunity to experience nature at its finest while still having the convenience of modern facilities.  With access to the French River Delta and a full service marina within walking distance of your doorstep, our drive to location is ideal for all urban explorers who wish to experience all the activities French River Country has to offer.

Family Getaways & Campsites at French River Park

If you want to take the family camping for the first time, we recommend you try camping in the backyard first or car camping close by, and to reserve a campsite well in advance - roughing it does not work that well with kids in tow if you are not prepared/practiced. Here are some more tips for camping family getaways:

  1. Pack lightly, but plan for all weather situations and remember to bring rain gear.
  2. Set up camp before dark, and get the kids involved in chores, such as bringing things from the car/canoe, or collecting kindling.
  3. Stick to the same routine you follow at home, as much as possible if you're bringing the kids along.
  4. Leave the non critical technology at home, except for your digital camera and smartphones, they can also be hidden in the car/canoe, in case of an emergency.

There's no better place for a superb family getaway than Hartley Bay Marina once you and the kids are ready. Our family-friendly resort offers a wide range of activities and unspoilt natural beauty where you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of Canada at its most glorious. Get in touch with us today to book your next family getaway.