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Romantic Getaways Camping

Need a Romantic Getaways Camping?

romantic getaways campingGetting in touch with natural is one of the best ways to reconnect body, mind and soul, and doing that with your honey is an even better way to spend one-on-one time in the wild outdoors. If you want to spend some alone time out in nature with your beau, there's no better place than Hartley Bay Marina for romantic getaways and camping trips.

Cozy Up By the Campfire at Hartley Bay Marina

With the French River Provincial Park’s natural campsites (accessible via the marina) and Hartley Bay Marina’s waterfront fisherman-style cottages, you will have plenty of privacy in which to enjoy connecting with your loved one. At night, cuddle up next to the campfire as you look at the stars in the expansive sky (or in your lover's eyes!). The countryside is absolutely beautiful out here, with a range of small game and birdlife.

You can choose to spend the day at the campsite or in your cottage, or you can get the blood pumping in the outdoors. If you choose to stay at a campsite, your campsite will be right on the French River with easy access to Georgian Bay, which is ideal for watersports and fishing enthusiasts. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you can also take in the splendour of the French River Provincial Park till your hearts' content.

Romantic Camping Getaways Go Hand-in-Hand with Canoeing

Bring along your own canoe or rent one from Hartley Bay Marina. By camping with us, you are able to access remote areas of the French River Provincial Park by spending the night at one of the French River Provincial Park’s backcountry campsites. This will allow you to set out early the next morning on a great paddling day trip.

Romantic Getaways Camping Area Attractions

The French River and Hartley Bay Marina offer the best ways to get back to nature - unspoiled by modern developments. Here you will be able to enjoy a romantic getaway without all the trappings and distractions of city life. You will walk where the Voyagers did, and you will see the unspoiled views that they enjoyed. However, there are some other area attractions, if you feel like going for a drive once you visit Hartley Bay and check into the cottages...

Take the opportunity to connect with your love out in nature here at Hartley Bay Marina. You'll be glad you did!