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Tips on The French River
Tips on The French River
Tips on The French River
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Loading Etiquette During COVID-19

Hartley Bay Marina has always been a friendly place, where visitors are a part of one big, extended family forged by the sense of community that has been created over many years. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to be extra careful if we want to keep our family, friends, and employees safe and healthy. We have to maintain social distancing guidelines in order to continue operating and providing services to our visitors. Therefore, we ask that all our visitors please follow the etiquette suggestions in this article to help everyone launch within 15 minutes. 


Motor boats, canoes and kayaks have equal rights to the docks

Revenue from motor boats, canoes, cottages and more goes towards installing and maintaining boat ramps and docks, and therefore, visitors equally should have access to them. At Hartley Bay Marina, we welcome every visitor to use the ramps and docks in a respectful and fair way. However, at times, people loiter and chat while their gear is strewn all over the place. That means that other people have to wait for you to catch up before they can launch.

Be courteous in the staging area

The staging area is there for you to rig your boat or canoe / kayak prior to heading down the ramp or out to the dock. We understand that a fully rigged canoe or kayak is too heavy to carry from your vehicle’s parking spot to the ramp. We do however ask that you quickly unload your canoe or kayak and gear when you back down to the boat ramp / docks. By setting everything to the side while parking your vehicle, you allow for other people to use the ramp while you rig your canoe, kayak or motor boat. 

Likewise, if you have to visit your car or the toilet before heading out, please don’t leave your canoe or kayak in the middle of the dock. We understand that giving extra space to other paddlers can slow down your movement. However, you can combat that by moving your canoe or kayak on and off the dock as quickly as possible.

As such, we ask that you have everything loaded and ready to launch in less than 15 minutes so that everyone can enjoy as much time on the water as possible.

General Boating / Kayaking / Canoeing Etiquette

·         Sometimes, it can take a bit longer to do things safely. We ask that you be patient with other paddlers and boaters.

·         If you arrive to see that it is becoming crowded, please come back to the ramp when it frees up. Access to the boat and dock launch depends on our ability to avoid crowding.

·         In the parking area, please try to leave a bit more room than usual. 

·         Use a checklist to ensure that you are 100% ready before heading to the ramp. If you’re not ready, move to the side so that someone else can go while you complete your tasks. 

·         Please don’t pause to chat - even at safe physical distances. Rather pull your boat to one side and out of other people’s way, if you absolutely have to chat. 

·         Please do not tie to other boats (raft).

We also ask that everyone who visits Hartley Bay Marina during this unprecedented time be extra patient. We’d like to thank you for your understanding during this time, and we look forward to seeing you!


Image by Steven Iodice from Pixabay