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Backcountry Camping Near Me

Backcountry Camping Near Me

Backcountry Camping Near Me - Check out Hartley Bay Marina

If you have googled ‘backcountry camping near me’ then Hartley Bay Marina is the perfect place for you to escape to. Why choose Hartley Bay Marina? 


Backcountry Camping Near MeEvery year, starting with the Victoria Day long weekend, Ontario provincial parks open to the public. That’s when thousands of people search “backcountry camping near me” to find the best spots.This is an invitation for adventure-loving visitors to enjoy this beautiful province. Ontario's provincial parks offer some of the most breathtaking wildernesses imaginable. Our nation's natural heritage and history are displayed in many of these parks.  


In these parks, there is a high percentage of car campers, which can be fun for people seeking convenience. Camping at Hartley Bay Marina is a great option for those who prefer seclusion and remoteness via the water. Hartley Bay Marina is two hours away from major centers and offers the perfect setting for a scenic camp on a river or Georgian Bay. 


Why Should I Choose Hartley Bay Marina for Backcountry Camping Near Me?

Since 1952, the Palmer family has operated Hartley Bay Marina, in Northern Ontario. Offering access and services to visitors of the French River Delta and Georgian Bay. Hartley Bay Marina has excellent freshwater pickerel (walleye), bass, pike, muskie, and crappie fishing. The French River is Canada's first Heritage waterway. 

Whether you: 

·         Taking your boat out for a day trip 

·         Would you like to go camping and experience nature

·         Vacationing in fishing cottages in traditional fishermen style

·         Exploring Canada's Canoe Culture 

·         Taking a self-guided canoe or kayaking tour 

·         Taking a backcountry paddling trip on your own

·         Planning a trip to your family cottage

With its modern facilities, Harley Bay Marina offers everything that you need for the perfect outdoor experience. Enjoy the outdoors by taking advantage of Hartley Bay Marina’s seasonal boat storage, parking, and canoe rental options.


If you're looking for a relaxing getaway with friends, amazing views, and fresh air, Hartley Bay Marina is the place for you. Camping, fishing, hiking, and kayaking are the highlight of the summer in Ontario. In this region, you can stay in everything from cozy cabins to car camping to the great outdoors.


An affordable way to spend quality time with your family and friends is to go camping at Hartley Bay Marina. A campsite accommodates more people for a much lower cost than a hotel room. And who needs a fancy restaurant meal when you can cook up a cozy campfire meal or a quick barbecue at the campsite?

Hartley Bay Marina ‘backcountry camping near me’ offers:

·         Budget Camping

·         Budget Camping Excursions

·         Budget Camping Excursions for Larger Groups

·         Budget Camping Excursions for the Family 

·         Budget Camping Excursions for Couples


Hartley Bay Marina - Backcountry Camping Near Me - Offers Plenty Of Adventure

French River Provincial Park features the French River, which flows from Lake Nippissing to Georgian Bay. The river passes through rough terrain, around many islands, and into several bays. 

In the past, the French River was a transportation route for both aboriginals and loggers. Experience the wilderness of our forefathers and relive some of their routes.

What can Hartley Bay Marina offer you:

·         Personalized advice on trip planning

·         Guides who share history, legends, ecology, wilderness safety tips, cooking, and fishing techniques

·         Self-guided or guided excursions

·         Watercraft such as canoes

·         High-quality camping equipment

·         Prepackaged meals

·         Certain locations allow fly-in trips

·         A wide variety of experiences, including wilderness paddling, motorboating, fishing, and private accommodations

·         You can also check out the French River Visitors Centre on Highway 69

Certain facilities and activities may only be available in certain parts of the park.

Hartley Bay Marina on the French River is the perfect place to get back to nature. The natural beauty of the French River Provincial Park offers a great escape from city life.