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Kayaking Near Me

Kayaking Near Me

Camping and Cottages in Northern Ontario

Kayaking Near MeThere’s something about Canadian kayak and canoe culture that can’t be described. Getting out in nature and onto the water brings such peace and tranquility. It refreshes body and soul and gives you the ultimate reprieve before heading back to the city. With that in mind - and the upsurge in searches for ‘kayaking near me’ - we thought we’d take a moment to talk to our visitors about boat safety. 


Boat Safety When Kayaking Near Me


In the spring of 2020 a lot of launch time was taken away from our beloved kayaking crowd due to COVID-19 restrictions. Since we may be heading into frigid temperatures soon as we go into fall, we’d like to help you prepare for cold-weather kayaking.


Our family has been providing access for kayakers to French River Delta and Georgian Bay since 1952. Our little paradise is located in Northern Ontario. From scenic and lovely sights to awesome fishing and historic shoreline, safe campsites and comfortable cottages, we have everything you need to enjoy the most relaxing getaway. 


The good news is that experienced paddlers can still enjoy canoeing and kayaking, even when the weather is chilly. However, we’d like to remind you to please follow safe paddling guidelines.  


One of the biggest dangers paddlers face is drowning in water chillier than 10-15.6 C or 50-60 F. Never underestimate the hazard of freezing cold water, even on warmer, sunnier days.


Drysuits and Layers


It’s not unusual for kayak paddlers to take unexpected dips in frigid water when they capsize. But they are prepared, because they are dressed appropriately. If you’re going to paddle in cold water, invest in a drysuit with neoprene booties.


Since drysuits don’t provide a lot of warmth, it’s a good idea to wear layers underneath. 


Wear Your PFD


A PFD is your safety companion in any temperature water. A PDF will ensure you stay afloat until you can be rescued.


Bring Company


Wherever you go paddling, especially in cold weather, be sure to bring along a partner who is equally as experienced as you are about kayaking safety, rescue and is comfortable on the water. If you’re going out to explore big waves or the open water of Georgian Bay, it’s recommended to go in groups of three or more. 


Devoted paddlers know that even cold water paddling is still a fantastic way to get out on the water, provided you follow the necessary safety precautions.

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Photo: Ox Bay, August 14th, photo by Elisabeth Maria Grande