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Shrinkwrap Near Me

Hartley Bay Marina Offers Boat Shrinkwrap and Storage

Shrinkwrap Near MeIf you typed in search engines "Shrinkwrap Near Me" and ended up on this page, you are at the right place. People who own boats value them as large investments that they are keen to protect. Most likely, that is what prompted you to search for shrinkwrap near me.  A professionally applied shrink wrap is the best way to protect your boat during the winter. When on a tight budget or you have an old boat, you can always use a tarp.

The professionals at Hartley Bay Marina can do everything from boat storage to shrinkwrap and winterize your boat. Our commitment to customer service excellence is based on many years of boating industry experience. 

Hartley Bay Marina is the marina of choice for boating enthusiasts due to its high reliability. Our marina facility offers the convenience and security you need for boat storage at Hartley Bay.

Various shrink wrapping options are available for boats, including:

  • The bullet wrap method is the best choice if you need an aerodynamic design that enables you to trailer the wrapped boat. Thick plastic and strapping are used for this kind of wrapping.
  • Depending on your budget, you could either wrap your boat completely or wrap it to the rubrail. Wrapping everything down to the hull sides is a full-house shrink wrap.
  • Working on your boat during the winter requires a zipper door? Request that the Hartley Bay Marina team installs a zipper door on the shrink wrapper.

Many boaters are not thrilled about the prospect of paying for plastic to shrink wrap their boats during winter. Nevertheless, cost savings must also be considered. The plastic you purchase also prevents much more expensive damage. Likewise, once it is installed and removed properly, it can be used several times. If you are looking for ideas on repurposing and recycling, be sure to check out Pinterest.

The choice to shrink wrap a boat ultimately rests with the owner. During the Canadian winter, you don't want your boat to take a beating. It is a good idea to make a reservation for the boat shrink wrap and storage service at Hartley Bay Marina.

French River Winter Boat Storage & Maintenance

Hartley Bay Marina's team of technicians has been servicing and repairing boats of all makes and models for decades. Refurbishment, shrink wrapping, and winterization are also part of our services. 

Winterization and shrink wrapping your boat includes additional options, including:

  • A sterndrive winterization includes checking the oil, winterizing the engine, draining the engine block, applying antifreeze, and stabilizing the fuel tank.
  • Checking oils, disconnecting batteries, stabilizing fuel levels, and winterizing the engine with fogging oil are all parts of winterizing an outboard.
  • Inboard winterization: Checking transmission fluid, disconnecting battery, winterizing engine, draining block and flushing with antifreeze, stabilizing fuel.

Hartley Bay Marina offers many benefits to boat owners who store their vessels there:

  1. You can easily access your craft at the marina whenever you want.
  2. The boat is not exposed to the weather, resulting in lower maintenance costs.
  3. On-land maintenance is much easier than on water.

The Hartley Bay Marina also offers a cost-effective boat storage service. Our facility is equipped with advanced security and access control. You can either bring your boat in for cleaning, service or maintenance (upon appointment) or you can rely on our in-house staff to perform winterization and shrink wrapping for you. It's the fun of owning a boat without the hassle of taking care of it. 

To book your boat storage, shrink wrap, and winterization services, contact Hartley Bay Marina today. 


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