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Georgian Bay Canoeing

Explore Georgian Bay & the French River

Georgian Bay CanoeingEnjoy the pristine blue waters of the Georgian bay as you paddle around the protective maze provided by Thirty Thousand Islands and observe the pristine coastline. Georgian Bay offers the ideal escape from city life, complete with spectacular sunsets and windswept islands, and Hartley Bay Marina is the perfect home base with beautiful camping sites and fishermen's cottages in which to spend the night.

Hartley Bay Marina provides exclusive access to remote areas of the French River Provincial Park and is therefore the ideal base for your weekend of Georgian Bay canoeing.

Kayakers and canoeists visiting the French River Provincial Park can look forward to discovering many unique Georgian Bay canoeing experiences among the secluded tributaries of the historic French River and beautiful Georgian Bay. Travel by canoe along the winding channels of the French River today to see what the Voyageurs saw and to travel in their proverbial footsteps.

Submerged under the waters and hidden along the river banks, are artifacts and relics that tell the tales of the Voyageurs. Join Canada's canoe culture and travel along the tributaries of the waterway to experience an adventure unlike any other.

Here are some of the various Georgian Bay canoeing routes you can explore during your Northern Ontario backcountry canoeing trips.

What to Bring on Your Georgian Bay Canoeing Trip

Seasoned campers have their own checklists and preferences of what to bring along on a Georgian Bay canoeing trip. It's always good to plan for any eventuality and to be as prepared as possible. Check the forecast a few days before your trip and always bring extra water and a few more energy bars than you expect to eat, because the weather and water conditions can change without prior notice.

After years of successfully hosting campers, Hartley Bay Marina has created a list of Georgian Bay canoeing and camping essentials.

Georgian Bay Canoeing: Popular Day Trip Routes:

Boom Island Loop - This great paddling trip is perfect for those you are looking to test the waters of the French River for a few hours.

Bustard Islands - This paddling trip is great if you are looking to paddle up the French River and also Georgian Bay. 

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Camp under the stars at Hartley Bay Marina, or rent a fisherman's cottage for the night and find out why we are the number one choice for Georgian Bay canoeing.


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