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Northern Ontario Fishing

Northern Ontario Fishing

Northern Ontario Fishing at Hartley Bay Marina

Northern Ontario FishingBlue skies, fresh air, rocky outcroppings, spectacular sunsets, and water that reflects like a mirror - those are some of the things that make the French River Delta the ideal spot for Northern Ontario fishing expeditions.

Artists have tried to capture the superb natural beauty of this region, but nothing quite compares to experiencing it first hand as you paddle and boat along the French River. But there’s another reason why Northern Ontario fishing enthusiasts flock to the Hartley Bay Marina, and it is because the waters teem with a wide variety of warm- and cold-water game fish, especially Pickerel (Walleye), Bass, Pike and Muskie.

Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures

Every year, the rich waters, that are home to sturgeon, crappie, muskie, bass, pike and pickerel (walleye) welcome Northern Ontario fishing enthusiasts from far and wide. Hartley Bay Marina invites you to make this the year that you catch that “Big One”, whether it's a massive northern pike, or pickerel this is the place to be. Northern Ontario fishing waters extend from the popular Georgian Bay waters in the south, up to the James Bay lowlands in the north, and you're bound to find the perfect spot. Killarney on the Georgian Bay is the Northern Ontario fishing mecca, which is most famous for its bass, muskie and yard-long pike.

With direct access to the French River, Hartley Bay Marina offers easy access to many boat accessible outlets and channels on the river. Bring your kayak, or canoe and tent, and experience the best of Northern Ontario fishing and camp life. Hartley Bay Marina has plenty of dock slips available for those wishing to bring their boats in for the warmer months. Hartley Bay Marina also offers two kinds of canoes for rent, sea kayaks, for those wanting to travel out to the Georgian Bay and sit-on-top kayaks that are great for use within the French River or at your cottage, by reservation only.

Hartley Bay Marina - Accommodation for Northern Ontario Fishing & Camping

Hartley Bay Marina offers conveniently cottages with picturesque views from their docks.

The French River Delta is not only a Northern Ontario fishing destination of choice, but it is also home to abundant wildlife. The area surrounding Hartley Bay Marina, on Hartley Bay Road, is frequented by various deer and moose, and turtles lay eggs on the soft shoulders of the roads.

French River Provincial Park permits are available for purchase at our main office. Campsites are on a first come, first serve basis, with no reservations required. Campsites are accessed only by water and are scattered throughout the waterway park. You will still have to reserve your canoe and kayak rentals (both sea and sit on top) in advance.

Hartley Bay Marina welcomes Northern Ontario fishing enthusiasts, campers, families and hikers.

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