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Budget Camping Excursions

Budget Camping Excursions

Budget Camping Excursions
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Summer's finally here! After all those long, cold months, the sun is finally starting to smile on Northern Ontario's rugged Canadian Shield. That means that it's a great time to venture into the great outdoors and enjoy some of the region's diverse experiences.

Summer in Ontario is all about kayaking, fishing, hiking, and campfires. The diversity of the region allows for a range of choices, whether you prefer a cozy cabin, camping with your car, or a true outdoors experience.

Budget Camping Excursions for Larger Groups

Hartley Bay Marina welcomes summer and fall campers with a range of budget camping excursions for everyone.

The French River Provincial Park may only be two hours away from major centres, but it is a piece of paradise that offers a variety of camping options for groups of friends or family. Camping is inexpensive, because a campsite fits more people for much less than the costs of a hotel room. And who needs expensive restaurant meals when you can prepare a hearty campfire meal or a quick barbecue at the campsite?

Budget Camping Excursions for the Family 

Spending time in the outdoors provides great opportunities for children to learn through exploration, and for families to connect. The sunshine has incredible mood-boosting effects, while hiking, kayaking and fishing enable connection with nature and with ourselves.

Most importantly, camping means limited screen time and unstructured days filled with fresh air. Kids will quickly forget about their devices and start connecting with nature and with the family while they explore the French River Provincial Park.

Budget Camping Excursions for Couples

Looking for a romantic break away from the city buzz and the boring restaurants and movies? Book a budget camping excursion with your love and venture into the wild outdoors. Spend the evenings snuggled up next to the campfire as you stare into the vast expanse of the starry night sky or into your honey's eyes...

Romantic getaways are synonymous with canoeing and hiking, so grab this opportunity to get the blood pumping and the heart racing.

If you want to get back to nature, look no further than Hartley Bay Marina on the French River. The French River Provincial Park is unspoiled by modern developments, offering the ideal break from all the distractions and trappings of city life.

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