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Cottage Rental French River

Is a Cottage Rental An Option for Your Next Getaway? 

Cottage Rental French River Immerse yourself in luxury, wilderness, adventure, and history as you explore the French River, and best of all stay the night in one of our cottage rentals on the French River.   Investigate long stretches of water, bays, rapids, channels, and islands as you paddle the Voyageurs' route to the Rocky Mountains, the Arctic watershed, and further afield. Come to Northern Ontario, Canada, to experience one of the world's great wilderness areas. 

Before recorded history, the French River served as a trade route for the vast landscape's aboriginal inhabitants. Trading furs, tobacco, flints, dried fish, copper, and other pre-modern necessities, they left few traces of their presence on the landscape - perhaps a good message for modern Canadians.

Hartley Bay Cottage Rentals on the French River 

Are you looking for French River cottage rentals? Enjoy great outdoor adventures while still having access to modern conveniences. Look no further than the fisherman's cottages" at Hartley Bay Marina if you want to fish the French or explore our scenic environment by canoe or kayak.

Rent Cottages with a view of the Historic French River. Our fishermen style housekeeping cottages, nestled among the trees and overlooking the beautiful French River Delta, offer our guests the opportunity to experience nature at its finest while still having the convenience of our modern facilities. 

Easy drive
Our drive-to location (close to major centres, and Greater Toronto) is ideal for all urban explorers who want to experience all that the French River Country has to offer, with access to the French River Delta and a full-service marina just steps away. 

Hartley Bay Marina, located within the French River National Park, offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, canoeing, kayaking, paddling, and fishing for anything from pan fish to pickerel, pike, bass, and muskie. 

“We've been coming here for nearly 10 years now, and the staff at Hartley Bay are always amazingly kind and helpful. Would immensely recommend them for any water trips to the French!” - James Sinn

Lots to see and do 
Every year, Hartley Bay and The French River host a variety of interesting events that enhance your stay in the French River rental cottages. Our drive-to location is ideal for all urban explorers who want to experience all that French River Country has to offer, with access to the French River Delta and a full-service marina just steps away.

Comfort and adventure rolled into one
We have rental cottages with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms available. During the summer, our cottage rentals are ideal for non-traditional campers. Each cottage has secure parking and access to paddling and fishing launching facilities. Whether you're looking for adventure or just want to camp and relax, these French River cottage rentals will allow you to do both.

The Northern Ontario cottage rentals at Hartley Bay Marina include everything you'd expect from a full-service marina, including electricity, hot and cold running water, bedding, and linens. The kitchens are fully equipped with modern conveniences such as dinnerware, glassware, and a microwave, as well as dish soap, tea towels, and a coffee maker. You can enjoy your meals in the dining area, barbeque, and picnic table. Relax on the porch or use the fire pit while the kids play on the playground and water trampoline. More information on our cottage rentals, amenities, and rates can be found on our website.

Everything you need for cottage rental on the French River
Hartley Bay Marina also rents kayaks, canoes, barrel packs, and paddles for day trips and overnighters. A well-designed water-taxi for pickups will broaden your possibilities. We can help a large group or a two-person paddling trip. 

Get in touch with Hartley Bay Marina today to book your cottage rental on the French River.